2003.10.13 Dresden – Starclub

…weather is beautiful, girls are beautiful, life is beautiful with all the great people we are making the magic with each night. I love making music, it is the one place that I feel truly free for those precious moments when on the musical waves I can step across the barrier of perception and be in the moment of creation and ecstasy, no ego, no one, no lines, no boxes, no traps, no holds, no barriers, together . . yes, it is good to be here, today in Hamburg, to have the chance to melt into the fabric of joy again tonight as with Dresden and Nurenburg these last two nights. Thank all for bringing me to these crossroads where the organic and inorganic give birth to this orgasm of conciousness. Whatever dude, what I mean is a wish for the best to all and long live Mother Tongue and Rock and Roll! (Christian)

2003.10.16 Nürnberg – Hirsch

woke up this morning feeling like i had cancerous rats running through my brain (a combination of no sleep, lots of jim beam, beer and smoke can make me feel that way sometimes). but walking around in the crisp cold air here in hamburg and after drinking my 5th espresso of the morning, i am starting to feel like a human again–or at least vegetable. our show in nurnberg last night was great. the band played well and really locked with each other. we opened with most of the first half of the ghost note record. we even played a new song that we’ve never played together live. it was a special night for all of us. the night before in dresden was a little rough. we were barely functioning from days of no sleep before we even left L.A. not a bad show, but definatly not one of the best. waking up this morning looking at christian, sascha and my haggard hung over bearded faces in the windows reflection, i could’nt help but think that we look like a shot out fucked up version of lynard skynard if they were held hostage in an al quaida prison camp. after just 2 days, our tour bus already smells like an armpit with a yeast infection, and starting tonight we have another band ( the freakoutfamily) traveling with us. just 23 more shows in a row to go. by the end of this tour the german government could probably use the bus as a science study of rare human body bacteria’s. on a brighter note, tonight is already looking up, just talked to a really cute waitress and invited her to the show tonight at the knust/schlachtof—i don’t know how the show will be, but knowing that girl is coming to the show is making tonight look pretty damn good. (Bryan)

2003.10.17 Hamburg – Schlachthof

there is definatly something to be said about the importance of ‘female’ energy when traveling on tour (actually, on or off tour doesn’t matter, it’s always important). when i spend every minute of my time in extremely close contact with a group of unshaven, stinky clothes wearing, burping, bad breathed, shit talkin’ guys, i instinctivley crave the company and the soft sensual sweetness of women. i do remember our show at the Knust/Schlacthof in hamburg to have been a really good show and definatly special. we even played a couple of new songs that we worked up during soundcheck. but what i remember most about our night in hamburg (besides sascha and davo getting pissed off at me cause i ran off stage to take a piss seconds before we were about to play – and believe me, i’m still hearing about it —jeeeeeez) was spending my time after the show bar hopping with these two beautiful sisters, Christine and Monica. i have actually changed my name from bryan (i always hated that name anyway) to Monica, in memory of this beautiful diamond toothed lady. christine wanted to take me to a trance club, but unfortunatly i had forgotten my ‘trance dancing shoes on the bus. i promised leo, our tour manager, that i would be back on the bus ready to leave by 4 am. it was 3:45 am and i was still at the bar sitting between the sisters. i was looking deep into their eyes sending focused psychic messages saying, ‘please take me hostage, kidnap me and take me home with you girls’. but the combination of smoke, whiskey, wine, beer and tequila must have diluted my psychic powers, cause at 4:11 am, there i was standing in the freezing cold outside the bus, greeted by the unshaven, stinky clothes wearing, burping, bad breathed, shit talking and now stoned to the bone group of guys. my psychic wishes shattered, i kissed the sisters goodbye and watched them walk off into the fog as i climbed aboard the bus leaving for hannover. time is NOT on my side. (Bryan)

2003.10.18 Hannover – Faust

Woke up early today in Essen after a short 3 hour rocking sleep in the enchanted ‘Jäger Meister’ band support bus. . . somehow one hour of driving sleep is worth double, amazing. everything is closed, (geschlossen???) Bummer, but I found this bowling alley that has internet and man it seems like movies and bowling here. University town, I like university towns, areas around universities. My dad is a professor and was a student when I was a kid, so it feels always somewhat like home. Last night was the ‘Faust’ in Hannover, our third time to play this great club, and our second with our new friends from Freak Out Family. These guys are great people and besides that fantastic musicians. It is an inspiration to warm up to them rocking the house each night! As for last night, the music went deep, david finding some deep stream of conciousness in CRMBL and it was good. our good friend, Matt Beard, photographer/video director of ‘Casper’ was in the club with his lovely fiance Kim and the masters of www.mothertonguelives.de where here again from the night before, as David mentioned I think this is really the Official Mother Tongue site. I go there to find out what’s happening with the band! Thanks to the seeming giant who lifted me up, rocking to the music and carried me back to the stage. . . that’s inspiring! Oh and I saw a little elf too, what’s up in Hannover? Hamburg the night before brought us to the ‘Schlachthof’, another club we’ve had the pleasure to play before. Great club and again an inspirational crowd, our first with Freaked Out Family and a great start it was. Their very first tour and you’d never know. this was another uplifting crowd creating such an atmosphere that the music was taken to a gymnastic level. Got to see the city from a different angle! Good reat to see our tour artist/creator Torsten from Amadis this night, taking a risk on his contractual obligations at home to generate more good energy at the ‘Knust’. All the great people of the fantastic city of Hamburg, which I really dig the vibe of, made this another special night. Got to hang out with some special people this night and see that an apartment in Hamburg in a fantastic part of town twice the size of my apartment in LA costs less. Are there other beautiful people in Sourthern germany? Can I be a European??? (Christian)

2003.10.18 Hannover – Faust

i don’t know how well known Scientology is here in Europe, but back home in hollywood its HUGE. for a fairly new religious philosophy, they hold a lot of power and even own the most property in hollywood. having all this time to think while being on the road touring, i have come to the conclusion that i am not being as productful, nor am i achieving or asserting the most of of my power. so i have to decided to come up with my own philosophy, to help those who are intersted in the phenomenom known as mother tongue. i call this philosophy, ‘BRYANTOLOGY’. here is a questionaire to see if you’ve got what it takes to get ‘CLEAR’: good luck:

question #1: if you were a member of the rock group Mother Tongue, and you had been up all night drinking, smoking and and eating piles of Mcdonalds while driving to your next show in Hannover, would you:

(a) wake up fresh and cheerful
(b) take a shower to wash off all the sweat and stench from last nights show
(c) wake up at 4pm to immediatly start loading in heaps of heavy equipment,spaced out, hung over with breath that could melt paint off walls.

if you answered (c), you are quite correct. lets move on , shall we?

question #2: if you were a member of the rock music group mother tongue, would you think that the Faust club in Hannover was

(a) pretty cool
(b) just another club with a pretty cool smoke machine
(c) a home away from home that should be crowned as a palace of rock greatness.

the answer is (c). (okay, this is where it gets tricky, are you ready for this mind bender?)

question #3: if you were a brown skin guitar player in the rock band mother tongue, after playing a very special and great show in Hannover which was one of your favorites from the tour would you

(a) lay down and take a nap all bundled up nice and cuddly warm on the big tour bus
(b) hang out all night drinking bottles of wine with a hot polish blonde witch with hypnotic blue eyes
(c) dance to the Cure at the big disco party after the show?

i know you probably thought it was (c), but the answer is actually (b). if you answered these questions correctly, you have taken one big step toward enlightenment and ‘clearing’yourself of these infectious creatures called ‘leo-tons’. for further information look for my forthcoming book called, Bryanetics’ under my ever changing name—B.ron Hubbard. (Bryan)

2003.10.19 Essen – KCC

Did I mention that Bryans’ amplifier blew up the first night of the tour and we fixed it the second night with the extra tubes that I brought with me from my amplifier blowing up last tour in Aflenz. So there I am poking fun about how he’s lucky I brought replacement tubes and how prepared I am and the karma police where on my ass and instantly my amplifier wouldn’t respond to setting the volume, just wanted to play all loud all the time, now I’m on the back up head and can’t find anyone to fix my Orange. Karma is a bitch. Last night Essen, drunken madness, violence bubbling right under the surface, broke out for a moment and was put down to a tense uneasy peace… there was a charge in that room, a silent spark stoked to flame by the volitile mixture of alchohol and unleashed emotion. And what for? A bruised or challenged ego? A disagreement of ideas? Don’t enough people feel the knife of humanities ego already around the world. If you want to fight, right the wrongs of the world, take on those that want to dominate and destroy your freedom.It’s been said before, violence is like making love, it’s ectastic in the moment, but the difference is one creates and is fulfilling and leaves you in the warm glow the other destroys and leaves the world less rich and you dark and colder. Tonight Cologne, Prime Club, I’m up way too early again, but I am a lucky man. (Christian)

2003.10.20 Köln – Prime Club

It’s about 5:30 AM and i can’t sleep. lying in my bunk, i can hear the music of the Stooges very faintly (probably one of the boys fell asleep with their discman on). i’ve had to pee for some time now, and that’s what originally woke me up. but i just keep lying here, not wanting to deal with the effort it takes to reach the toilet, foolishly hoping the pressure in my bladder will miraculously disappear. there is definatly an art form to waking up from a dead sleep on a moving bus, rolling out of a little cacoon into a dark, narrow, vibrating and shaking aisle, navigating through the bouncing blackness down some shaking stairs into a tiny closet with a toilet to take a piss (if you can do it drunk or stoned without falling i would consider you an honorary Jedi Knight). we played the Prime Club in Köln last night to a completely packed house filled with a sweaty rocking crowd. last time we played there my amp took a shit and would’nt work. and if it had’nt been for the guitarist of Smoke Blow lending me his amp, i would have had to ‘interpretive dance’ my way through the rest of the set. tonight i had a similar experience after someone spilled a full beer all over my effects, which was actually a good thing, cause it drowned the smoldering cigarette that was smoking and begining to burn the effect board’s fabric lining. for me, the highlight of the show was watching christian fuck, tork, tweak and bend his guitar during his solo in ‘broken’ (i kept waiting and watching for his guitar to snap into pieces, but it never happened–i bet he’s glad he paid all that money to have his guitar intonated before we left L.A.). the most embarrasing part of the show was after i had broken a string on ‘in the nighttime’. i switched guitars and thought i was coming in right in time for my little guitar solo thingy, but all i heard was this ear splitting sharp feedback while i played. man, i thought i was rocking, but all i could hear as i played was this terrible shrieking noise. i finally looked down at my guitar to find that i had’nt plugged the goddamn cable into the guitar. the feeling i felt was similar to (but nothing like) a hunky stud walking through a crowded beach filled with the most beautiful women. and after strutting your bad self along this coastline of hot ladies, you look back to find that you’ve been dragging a 1000 meter long shit stained tail of toilet paper thats been hanging from your hairy ass all along. (that ridiculous analogy aside, i felt pretty LAME). but the audience and the boy’s seemed happy with the show (especiall sascha, looking like a smiley faced cross between fidel castro, john bonham and hank from turbonegro). all in all, it was a good but loud & noisy night in köln. tomorrow night—Fulda. (Bryan)

2003.10.21 Fulda – Kreuz

sitting here wiping the rivers of snot from my not so little brown nose. our bus has been infected with a bug—a fucking cold bug. everyone is a little out of it the last couple of days. played an interesting show last night in Fulda. not so many people at the show, but i thought the band played tighter than we have in a while. the soundman at the club kept telling us to turn down our volumes. we were literally on (1) and told him if we turn down anymore we’re gonna be playing an acapella show tonight. it was very different from our show the other night in Essen, which was completely packed with rowdy, sweaty, drunk crowd. i think that show was the first time in my life i experienced an entire club singing every word to our songs, it was unreal. i remember this night so well because my lip is still swollen and cut from these 2 wasted drunk guys in the front row that kept falling into my mic, slamming it like a metal fist into my lip. my chipped tooth from the show will always keep Essen in my memory and in my heart. (Bryan)

2003.10.22 Würzburg – AKW

here’s a few highlights from the show in Wurzburg:
me finally getting to shower and wash the layers of stale sweat, stale wine, whiskey and jägermeister that davo’s been splashing all over himself and me and christian during each show, having a little rock geek moment with sasch before the show (watching the led zeppelin dvd), watching Smokeblow fucking rock!, seeing the always very sweet ‘AKW’ promoter Mariam.

here’s a few lowlights of the wurzburg show:
davo and i getting into an argument on stage just before we’re about to play cause he accused me of ripping the input jack out of his cabinet (which i did’nt, but still repaired for him so he could play the show), christian accidently falling on this pretty girl and dragging her down to the dirty ground with him during his solo in ‘Broken’, davo feeling he had one of the worst shows in recent memory, loading out the gear into the freezing wurzburg night after the show. (Bryan)

2003.10.23 Karlsruhe – Substage

here’s a little peek at the new little hip hop freestyle joint i’ve been working on, it’s rough and raw but here’s what i’ve got:

“micraphone check one , two, one, two– crazy david gould is my favorite jew – he rocked last tou with just one shoe, he uses lot’s of razors, but does’nt need shampoo – this mother tongue tour is nearly half way through, if you asked me my favorite show this tour – i’d have to say the ‘Substage’ club in Karlsruhe, that was a great show, our ninth in a row – the only drag was it was our last night of three with Smoke Blow, those guys rocked and let it be known – they’re truly the Punkadelic godfathers of soul! the weather outside was fucking crazy cold – my pants smell so bad cause they’re turning to mold, hung over with no sleep makes me feel fucking old – i’d feel better with a aspliff and a girl to hold” … out, brown wizard-1 (Bryan)

2003.10.24 Freiburg – Jazzhaus

there comes a point being on tour and spending so much time in continous company of a group of guys, that the need for space becomes very precious. you can become very raw and sensitive to the people around you, and just the way someone breathes, the way they eat, the sound of them talking can incite violent and sadistic thoughts. i’ll be straight out, the mother tongue band is a group of some moody motherfuckers, and that is no joke. we had had a couple of less than rad shows prior to us arriving in freiburg. the band was feeling pretty burnt and faded. one thing i remember about our night in freiburg was it was the first time on this entire tour that davo, christian, sascha and i hung out alone together. it was a great thing. we watched 50 cent, snoop dogg, and pharrel videos and just chilled the fuck out. davo came up with an idea to change things up a bit. he suggested we get fucking shit faced drunk and just have some fun. i mean, we always have a few drinks during a show, but that night at the ‘Jazzhaus’ club we got ‘tore the fuck back’ drinking whiskey, tequila and beer. it was one of the better shows of the tour and fun as hell. i just laughed my ass off all during the show listening to davo talk all his crazy shit and watching him look at me with that face that said—“bro, i am beyond fucked up right now, and i don’t give a fuck”! that night set the precident for the rest of the tour (which is’nt even half way through), and got us over a shitty little hump… (Bryan)

2003.10.25 München – Backstage

to be honest, the past few days have been a bit of a blur, and right now i’ve got the band and our tour manager leo breathing down my neck, giving me shit for taking so goddamn long to write this, so i’m gonna just write down some things that come to mind from the last few shows…….munich, ‘backstage’: great show, one of the best of the whole tour, davo cracking me up the whole show talking his crazy shit in between songs, in the middle of songs, after, before, during songs (jesus, that dude can ‘talk’), the whole front row filled with smiley beautiful girls, the party after the show filled smiley beautiful girls, drinking lots of whiskey and tequila with smiley beautiful girls, getting back on the bus (bummed to have had to leave) without a smiley beautiful girl. (Bryan)

2003.10.26 Wiesbaden – Alter Schlachthof

Wiesbaden: coooold as a witch’s dick, davo and i got completely tanked drinking whiskey during the show, sascha smiling and laughing at davo and i, christian looking at davo and i like we were two drunk fucking idiots (which we were), but i have to say this show was one of my favorites—loose, and opened up, the last night with our very good friend petra arnold who was traveling with us for a few days, me being too drunk to really talk with anyone after the show. (Bryan)

2003.10.27 Berlin – Columbia Fritz

Berlin: a good show, a rocking audience (rocking? that sounds kinda lame, but it’s true, the people at this show were rocking the fuck out), a freezing cold day and night, a late night meeting, a kinda weird show for me personally …alright, i’ve gotta go, cause they’re leaving with out me. (Bryan)

2003.10.28 Rostock – Mau

Last night was a second visit to Rostock, a port city, right on the water the club ‘Mau’. Last time we were there we stayed on a boat hotel right outside the ‘Mau’, but this night it was a pack up and go evening as a few have been so Jurgen our bus kaiser can drive safely through the night. Heard we were up against Rostock vs. Berlin football match. …the results, so I hear Rostock lost the game. I never feel a loss making music, maybe next time come to the concert and listen to the game on live radio! We were lucky enough to have Bryan and Sash interviewed on a local radio broadcast and then we were put on live through the Rostock airwaves. A big thank you for this honor Rostock! the tour as of Berlin is half finished and this makes me sad, but my aching muscles are celebrating there coming release from the nightly torture. the energy level of the band has risen over the last days with the excessive consumption of Jägermeister, wine and whisky and many entities have been invoked. Every night is a suprise, kind of like a Kinder Egg of musical spirits. they’ve come to take us away to replace the burned our lights, so my sporatic entry is finished for now. I’ll have to read Bryan’s accounts to find out what the hell has been going on these last weeks! (Christian)

2003.10.29 Nordhorn – Scheune

Today is Oktober 29th, two days until Halloween and we are in Nordhorn. I hear it is in the North West of Germany right on the border of The Netherlands. One of our concert lights burned out a few nights ago and we are on a mission to find more today in 10 minutes. (Christian)

i think most peoples perception of a touring rock band is backstage orgies, endless mountains of cocaine and groupies tearing the bands clothes apart. and for thousands of bands, on every level, this is a reality. my experience being in ‘this ‘touring rock band’ have been a little different. i’ve realized after reading back some of these tour journal entries that i seem to write about the girls i’ve met, talked with, hung out with and seen. but my reality is, that almost every night, talking with some girl i’m attracted to or have exchanged a flirting eye with, without fail the inevitable situation’s arrive. while talking with some attractive lady, i feel a hand on my shoulder and the whispered voice of Leo, our tour manager in my ear saying, ‘time to load out and we leave in 10 minutes, so gather your shit and say goodnight’. and knowing i have only a few more minutes to spend with someone i don’t wanna leave just yet, i focus and make the best of the situation. all the while feeling the hawking , lurking eyes waiting to jump into my little intimate moment. then it happens, and my sweet last moments together with this one girl are shattered with the routine barrage of drunken questions : ‘where is your singer davo?’, ‘where is crazy christian?’, ‘is sascha really hank from turbo negro?’, ‘i like your first record, not so much the last two!’, ‘you should make your next record live!’, ‘let’s make a party!’, ‘give me some jägermeister!’, ‘do you like Kyuss?’ …all this time the girl i wanted to spend my last 10 minutes with excuses herself because she and i are being showered in drunken spit and spilled beer. i watch the girl walk away, i see Leo point to his watch, i wipe the spit from my face, gather my things, load out and move on to the next town. (Bryan)

2003.10.30 Bielefeld – Forum

i pretty much thought we sucked in Nordhorn, and thinking back to that night, i am remembering that we definatly sucked that night in nordhorn. but the following night in Bielefeld at the Forum, i thought we played the best show of the tour. davo and i have come up with a sort of experimental recipe to having a good show. this recipe includes, 2 bottles of red bull, lots of whiskey, a prayer to god, a shout out to the devil and a few other ingredients i am not at liberty to reveal. (Bryan)

2003.10.31 Holland

we’re in Zaandam, holland today. it’s cold , dark and raining outside. it’s sunday, so the town is like a ghost town with no one on the streets. we had a ‘big’ night last night in Sittard. after the show, everyone was partying down to the ground. even the band thats been traveling with us, the freakoutfamily, who’s singer never drinks, was tanking it up drinking whiskey. i saw him this morning and he looked like he was close to puking. our last couple of shows here in the netherlands have been a little tough. we hav’nt really played here much, and the dutch audiences are alot more reserved and kinda indifferent. i thought the audience fucking hated us, but then after the show people would come up and say all these amazing things. it kinda tripped me out. our last few shows in northern germany were a little wierdadelic. (Bryan)

2003.11.01 Final Days

I’ve really learned a lot about myself on this tour, and a lot of that knowledge has come from the people I’ve met each night at our shows. Let’s see, I’ve learned that I am stuck up, introverted, too shy, and that I think I am better than everyone, that I am a reincarnated witch, a fag (I think it is unusual, but pretty rad that people here in Europe have nicknamed me after a cigarette), and the best and most accurate and honest comment was from some drunk guy I overheard talking with his equally drunk friend in Freiburg. they were talking about a guitar solo in one of the songs we played that night, and the one drunk guy asks the other drunk guy, which guitarist do you mean, the cool one or the poser? (i’ll give you a hint who the poser is-his name doesn`t begin with a C). thank you to everyone, for helping me get in touch and understand myself better…..tchüss, bryan ‘the poser’ tulao. (Bryan)

2003.11.01 Some More Final Days

I guess I haven’t been keeping up with writing these journals the last few shows, partly cause I’ve hardly slept and mostly cause I am in denial that the tour is coming to an end. reading back on the stuff I wrote during the tour, it brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings. one of them being that I sound like a moron describing us partying down and being moody fuckers, and trying to chat up girls. but I’m just being straight out and real and saying how it is in my experience (ask those other guys and I’m sure they may have a very different story to tell). along with all that stuff, each night, each show was completely different from the next and each were emotional, spiritual and magical in their own way. there were moments during this tour that were some of the deepest, most beautiful life changing experiences I’ve ever had. Don Bosch, ‘W2’ club in the netherlands : played to an audience that seemed more interested in talking than listening to the music, a weird show, and equally weird cause so many people came up after and said how much they liked it….weird. (Bryan)

2003.11.01 Sittard – Fenix Club

I really liked this show, but Davo tripped on it and kept saying it was the worst show of the tour for him. Sound was awful and we couldn’t hear anything clearly. but the fog machine was pretty bitchen and I got to hang out with a really cool little lady named Andrea after the show. Christian was talking in tongues after the show, drunk like a skunk, funny as hell. (Bryan)

2003.11.02 Zandam – De Kade

cold, raining, sunday night playing in a big old room that holds 1000 people, 23 showed up. it was like playing a concert for some intimate close friends at your neighborhood auditorium (actually, that’s exactly what it was). A good show none the less. Thought we played the best we had in a while. The highlight of the night was a guy lending me his handy so I could call the only girl in the world I ‘really’ wanted to talk to in London. (Bryan)

2003.11.03 Marburg – Kfz

the beautiful Kerstin, the ‘kfz’ club promoter, we played the first in store accoustic show we’ve ever played at some cool little record shop in town. The show, like the last time we were there, was fucking a great audience which made for a very great and special show. Meeting this sweet angel that was front row in a wheel chair, Sascha and I hung out with her for a while after the show, that was a highlight. (Bryan)

2003.11.04 Stuttgart – Röhre

whenever we make a toast before drinking, instead of saying ‘prost’, we say ‘stuttgart’!!! damn, what can I say about Stuttgart? All I’ll say is I hung out with a very special lady friend before the show, lost track of time, speed walked back to the club, got there to hear the guy at the front tell me that the entire club, audience, band, EVERYONE has been waiting for me and looking for me. I bolted backstage, and if looks could fucking kill, I would have been a ghost. Christian would’nt even look at me during the show. I finally got in his face during ‘that man’ to try and connect with him, and he fucking lunged into me and bared his fangs and growled (I don’t even think he knows he did that ), the show was really great, one of my favorites of the tour. I finally relaxed after my 2nd bottled of red wine that I finished half way through the set…STUTTGART!!! (Bryan)

2003.11.05 Wien – Szene

went into the city with Saschy and Chris, so beautiful, I love vienna, didn’t wanna leave. The show was really good, audience jumping around, dancing, getting into it, another really special night. (Bryan)

2003.11.06 Linz – Posthof

don’t really remember a whole hell of alot about this show (it sounds so fucking lame and ridiculous, but I had a little bit to drink before and during the show, and it made my memory a little fuzzy), a good show. had an interesting time after with a lady named michaela, had a cold shower, my first shower in days. (Bryan)

2003.11.07 Zug – Galvanik

oh boy! let’s see. christian and I went on a long walk to the town, along a gorgeous sea. the scenery and the sunny day was one of the most beautiful days I had had in a while. I noticed that people looked at chris and I like we were maggots, bums, trash. Everyone looked so healthy, wealthy and clean. I caught a reflection of Chris and I and noticed that we actually did look like dirty maggots, trashy bums. we played a very small club to a very enthusiastic rocking crowd. It was a great night that lasted till 8 am the next morning as we hung out, partied, talked, stumbled and danced the night into the daylight. Was bummed to leave after talking with the clubs beautiful Italian/swiss angel all night. (Bryan)

2003.11.08 München – Keller

the final show/party of the tour. A tiny little bar that was packed and writhing, sweaty and raw and fun as hell. I don’t know what it sounded like, but it was definatly a great way to end the tour and a really fun night partying after. the best was turning around after seeing people pointing, to see Christian drunk and dancing across the bar. jumping over and dragging me and other people to the sticky wet floor. we stayed up all night. the boys dropped me off at the airport first to send me off on an equally amazing and life changing adventure in London and Paris, and the boys hopped on the big untied jet, heading home. what an amazing month…….and definatly one of the deepest and most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had….thank you to anyone and everyone that was a part of it and made each night and day what it was, amazing. (Bryan)