2002.04.29 Berlin

It’s about 2 a.m. here in Berlin. I’ve just recieved a lap dance from a blond wigged Davo Gould, I’m looking at a half passed out Christian, while being serenaded by Kasey rocking beats with his hands on his leg. It’s pretty fucking outrageous the rock’n’roll debauchery that Mother Tongue is wreaking here in Berlin.
Probably the most exhilerating thing that’s gone down so far on this tour – besides being in this beautiful city, meeting all the great people at Nois-O-lution Records – was my near molestation on the flight over by this 70 year old woman named Maureen. I was stretching in the back of the plane, minding my own business, when Maureen leans next to me and starts chatting me up, asking if I’m a musician and telling me about some english man she’s flying to London to meet, whose name happens to be Brian. I say: “Hey, my name is Bryan”. She says: “What a coincidence, hey Bryan, can I put my hands through your hair, I love musicians. I used to hang out with Jim Morrison and The Doors, I was wild in the 70’s, you know, I’d smoke pot, do some coke, but I never shot up any junk. Yeah, this man Brian in London has been giving me some hot E-mails, I get orgasms just thinking about it. What do ya think Bryan, you think we’re gonna do it?” I say: “I sure hope you get down after flying thousands of miles over there.” Maureen says: “Yeah, but I really love musicians, hey Bryan, how about letting me give you a kiss”. I thought, what the hell, she’s gonna give me a little grandma peck on the cheeck cause she thinks I’m a sweet kid. Then, she comes at me with her dried up tongue sticking out – ready to get her fucking senior mack on. I’m not complaining, at least the tour is starting off with some lovin’. Anyway, Berlin is amazing, we love it here, friday is our first show, in Dresden, we can’t wait to play. (Bryan)

2002.04.30 München

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you, we have had no time to spare and interviews have gotten in the way of email time. This comes to you from Munich where I’m trying to settle down after tonights show. I feel like I’m dreaming – the appreciation and support we’ve been recieving has been insane. Having been through what we’ve been through and then coming here and recieving this welcome means a great deal to us. I want to point out that in our darkest days there was one journalist in the entire world who kept the name Mother Tongue alive – when Mother Tongue was just about as dead as dead can be – one person kept the name alive in print. And that in turn encouraged us, bolstered our spirits, got us through and impossible album to make. And that journalist, that person is Dirk Siepe of VISIONS Magazine. A lot of people have come up to us and thanked us for coming back – you should thank Dirk Siepe as well – He’s plazed a huge part in us being a band again. I will try to get a email off to you daily. I know it is important, but you must believe me that there has been no time and or internet access. (Davo)

2002.05.01 Frankfurt

I’m sleeping in the van tonight. We’re in Junkyville. The same Junkyville in every city – they’re all the same. Dope fiend pirates sniffing for guitars. I got me a hard stick and a sharp knife and a extreme disliking to people stealing our shit. We’re in Frankfurt – a block from the train station. We felt a little out at times in the show tonight which sucks because I want every show to be on point. – Now it’s 3:30 – Somebody just josteled the back door of our truck and now I’m awake in a dirty mood. Before I fell asleep I watched two street girls smoking crack right next door to our truck. Our windows are black so no one can see in or see me. When this girl took a hit she looked like a young giddy girl in love with the world. Here on this dirty fucked up street in Frankfurt. No sleep for me tonight. I feel like a tunnel rat. My wife called me on our tour managers cell phone. Our oldest son Jonah age 6 is having a painting of his on display at a prestigious museum in Los Angeles. I’m so proud of him. So there I was talking to my boy in L.A. on a cell phone from our van with crack addicts sniffing around me like mice with cheese. Is our gear worth it? Me cutting somebody or breaking somebody’s nose or me getting cut, shot, beat up? What the fuck is wrong with me? (Davo)

2002.05.05 Berlin

It’s not so early in the morning, I’m sitting across a table filled with bowls of cornflakes, watching a pasty white Christian Leibfried prepare some medicine to help ease his lungs cause he’s been coughing up blood all nite and morning. He fell off a high stage last nite at Columbia Fritz here in Berlin, during his ill guitar solo in “Broken”. Lucky for him there was no one to catch his fall, so he could feel the full impact of the hardwood floor on his spine. Let me just say that weeks of no sleep added with very physical performing, post show packing up and reloading of heavy equipment at 2 a.m. every nite, mixed with a healthy tonic of whiskey, beer and absinthe (every nite for a few weeks), can start to make you feel a bit un-flower-like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining I love every minute of touring here in Europe – it’s just that this particular morning I feel like a rabid rhinoceros has shit a pile of cancer into the base of my skull (thanks again Arne, for the absinthe). The tour has been amazing! Every show the band has been playing like it’s our last nite on earth (except for me in Frankfurt – when I stupidly drank a gang of whiskey before the show – barely hanging on in a drunken stupor while we played). The energy from the audiences has been unbelievable! It totally feeds the band and pushes us to open up in the songs. We played for almost two and a half hours in Karlsruhe, ending the set with a jam loosely based on a riff from an old Mother Tongue song called “Sista Sunshine”. We’ve been playing a lot of songs from our first record on this tour. Most of those songs we haven’t played in years. Playing them now on this tour, has brought a freshness and excitement to those song’s that I haven’t felt in a long time. Especially in “Vesper”, “Broken”, “Sheila’s Song” and “Venus Beach”. We’ve even been playing songs that we’ve been working on for our next record; “Alien”, “Junior Got Shot”, “Music For Her” and “Call Me”. That’s been exciting and fun. Today is going down in the Mother Tongue tour bible as the ‘holiest’ day of the tour – today is laundry day!!! Let me tell you, putting on a pair of jeans that are still sopping wet with sweat from the nite before is – pure nirvana. And of course, everybody knows that the biggest girl magnet is a band of guys that stink of smoke, sweat, booze and blood (mmmmmm, yummy)! Here’s a rock n roll question: What’s the difference between a mummified corpse and our hunky drummer, Kasey Chatilla? Not much, except that one only rises from the dead to play a show. Goddamn that boy can sleep !!! (Note to all girls: shows are not the only thing that raises Kasey from the dead).
When he’s not writing screenplay ideas like,”The Muppets meet the Excorcist”, David Gould spends his time on tour: E-mailing his family, practicing tae kwon do on various doors and furniture (and band members), watching ‘CNN’, laughing at the contorted faces of pain that Christian always seems to have after we play, and plotting with me on ways to secretly cut Christians long hair. I on the other hand, like to spend my offstage time studying the ancient practice of sex majik, listening to DJ Shadow, wrapped in my ouija print robe, enclosed in my black rabbit fur lined coffin in the back of the van, (hey Dirk, thanks again for the CD). Tonight we play Leipzig – that is if our amazing tour manager Leo Wehling hasn’t died from exhaustion. (Bryan)