Untitled Jam
We Gonna Make It
Untitled Jam
Burn Baby
Sista Sunshine
The Seed
Untitled Jam
Untitled Jam


Release: 1996
Format: CD
Label: Interloper Records
Production: Christian Leibfried, Ondi and David Timoner
Credits: David Gould (bass, vocals); Christian Leibfried (guitar); Jesse Tobias (guitar); Bryan Tulao (guitar); Geoff Haba (drums)
Notes: This is the soundtrack to the same-titled documentary by Ondi Timoner. Both were finished while the band broke up and therefore only got minimal distribution. It’s not quite clear how many copies exist, but it’s not many. All remaining copies were sold during the 2002 Streetlight tour.

From the inlay:

That’s what music allows you to do – you can get up there and be as angry and emotion filled as you want. You can get angry, you can feel joy, you can feel it all. When you reach that plateau of emotionalism, joy and anger become all one feeling. It’s just the way you interpret them, the way you direct them. Music allows you to just go into that state and not have it defined. That’s what was really special about Mother Tongue. The music was not just filled with anger, but with hope, with sadness, with happiness. It was all those things and allowed people to be themselves – to just feel – and there was that little lighthouse of the music that just kept you from leaving it all behind. Broken takes a look at the other side of the dream. This soundtrack is not off the CD already released. This is new stuff, old stuff, demo stuff. Mother Tongue stuff. Different versions that you haven’t heard before. Enjoy.